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Run Pluralith Locally

Run Pluralith on your local dev box to get instant visibility on changes, cost, drift and compliance (coming soon).


Pluralith & Terraform State

First things first: Pluralith never sends your state to a backend. Your Terraform state always gets processed locally on your own machine and never leaves it. The closed-source Desktop app also does not touch your raw state. The open source CLI, which you can inspect here, processes the state and filters out all secrets as specified by you before the Desktop app receives it to draw the diagram.

Get Started

Running Pluralith locally is super simple. Below you can see a screenshot of what it looks like in action. Download the Desktop app below and follow the setup guide on first open. After everything is installed you can run pluralith plan in any of your Terraform projects to get a visual.

Make sure to let us know how it went or if there are any issues in the Pluralith subreddit or via email!